Improving Patient Care Through Technology


entegrion VCM METER

Rapid Hemostasis Assessment is Critical to Successful Patient Outcomes.

Viscoelastic coagulation testing is increasingly used to monitor hemostasis with patients in trauma, surgery, obstetrics, major disease, and other settings, providing critical information not available from the most commonly used coagulation tests.

Entegrion’s viscoelastic coagulation monitor, VCM, is a next generation viscoelastic testing instrument that provides rapid, real-time hemostasis assessment at the point-of-care. Designed as a true point of care solution, the VCM offers important advancements over currently available viscoelastic testing systems in an accessible, easy to use, highly portable instrument.

The VCM system uses a small amount of fresh whole non citrated blood introduced into the instrument at patient side. The fully automated test is free of chemical accelerants and the need to manipulate samples, saving valuable time and avoiding modifications to the native properties of the patient sample.

VCM’s small footprint provides significant potential for applications in numerous clinical settings, including pre-hospital emergency medicine.

The VCM system has achieved regulatory clearance in Europe, and will be available in Europe and other regions that accept CE Marked products. The system has not been cleared for human clinical use in the United States.

For more information about the VCM, go to our dedicated VCM website.


The ease of use and portability of the VCM system makes it ideal for use in animal health. For more information go to