Entegrion Awarded $43.7 Million

Entegrion Awarded $43.7 Million to Bring Resusix™ to Market.

Research Triangle Park, NC, October 4, 2011 – Entegrion announced today it has received a contract valued up to $43.7 Million from the Department of Defense. The RTP life sciences development company will apply the funding to the clinical development of Resusix™, its proprietary dehydrated pathogen-inactivated human plasma that holds promise as a substitute for fresh frozen plasma (FFP) in certain applications.

The Department of Defense (DoD) is funding the development of Resusix™ through Phase 3 clinical trials and Biological License Application. The contract is structured as a base effort of $24 million for a two-year period of performance, with an option of $19.7 million for an additional two years.

Joseph DaCorta, Entegrion’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “We are extremely honored by the DoD’s ongoing support of the Resusix™ program. Our focus is to offer a safer and more effective alternative for frozen blood plasma, which often is not readily available in austere and remote locations. In addition, Resusix™ has tremendous potential for serving unmet medical needs in global health settings.”

John B. Mowell, the company’s Executive Chairman, said, “Entegrion and its management view this award as a significant milestone in the development of the company’s product portfolio. It clearly demonstrates Entegrion’s unique capabilities and extraordinary talent in developing and delivering complex product solutions to highly demanding DoD specifications. More so, we view this as a strong vote of confidence from the world’s leading defense organization. This contract award positions the company as a strategic player in the mainstream of blood plasma research and development. Entegrion is proud to be a part of North Carolina’s prominent and growing biotech family.”

The product will be Entegrion’s first Investigational New Drug (IND) filing. The company expects 10-15 clinical investigation sites to participate in each phase of the product’s clinical development and will start actively recruiting sites in the next month.

About Entegrion

Entegrion is a life sciences development company that is focused on improving the safety and availability of the world’s blood supply.   Based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Entegrion offers patented technologies designed to overcome limitations in storage, safety, and availability of blood-derived products while preserving their functionality. Many of Entegrion’s advances in biologics are based on close collaborations with leading medical research institutions. Visit www.entegrion.com for more information.

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