Portable Coagulation Monitor (PCM)

When clotting disorders must be assessed, clinicians and medics need a tool that provides rapid, real-time measurement.

Entegrion is developing a handheld, point-of-care device for rapid assessment of clotting disorders, empirical evidence of trauma-induced coagulopathy and response to therapy. The Portable Coagulation Monitor will offer portability, ease of use, and timely results.

The PCM provides important advancements over the current complex and time-consuming procedure of using thromboelastography standards that were developed in the 1940s.

The PCM represents significant potential for use in emergency medicine, obstetric and general surgery applications, and in pre-hospital emergency medicine.

Portable Coagulation Monitor

our goal is to offer complex coagulation measurement in a tool that fits in the palm of your hand.