• Multi-Functional Resuscitation Fluid: envision a readily available and safer alternative to transfusion
  • Resusix: envision a source of coagulation factors and volume replacement available immediately, wherever needed
  • Portable Coagulation Monitor: envision sophisticated coagulation measurement in the palm of your hand
  • Stasix: envision dehydrated platelets for transfusion that can be stored for years and infused immediately

ENTEGRION is an innovative
life sciences development company specializing in technologies that
fill clearly defined, unmet market needs.

Our Focus is improving the safety and availability of human-supplied therapeutics


Entegrion adds W. Brian Gibler MD to Board of Directors

Entegrion announces the addition of Brian Gibler to its board of directors

Entegrion Receives $1.9 Million from Navy for Blood Product and Related Technology

Research Triangle Park, NC, July 31, 2012 –The life sciences development company Entegrion announced today it has been awarded $1.9 Million from the U.S. Office…more


Product Spotlight


Our proprietary dehydrated pathogen-inactivated human plasma breaks cold chain storage and offers plasma therapy to remote and austere conditions.

Our Goal: Demonstrate enhanced safety and equivalent efficacy for transfusion recipients through the reduction of non-enveloped viruses and elimination of pro-inflammatory factors that can lead to morbidity and mortality.