When bleeding is caused by low platelet counts or platelet dysfunction, the medical team needs immediate access to platelets that provide predictable, consistent function.

Stasix® is a pharmaceutical agent derived from human platelets that provides more consistent cellular hemostatic function than liquid-stored, banked platelets. The stabilization steps used in processing Stasix® also provide pathogen reduction, and the freeze-drying enables truly long-term storage with greater ease of use and availability than banked technologies.

The hemostatic agent in pre-clinical development by Entegrion overcomes the storage limitations of fresh platelets because it is freeze-dried for shelf-stable storage. When needed for use in a patient, the sterile agent can be rapidly and conveniently rehydrated and infused.

While currently in development, Stasix® will serve many markets once it is commercialized. As a hemostatic agent, Stasix® can provide targeted hemostasis to areas of non-compressible bleeding. In addition, Stasix® has a projected shelf life of 4-5 years, which exceeds storage for liquid, banked platelets that currently expire after 2 weeks. This extended shelf life can provide a hospital with a logistical advantage to the current standard of care, saving both time and resources in today’s constrained health care systems.

A key platform technology—Stasix® is one of the technologies in the hemostatic patch under development by Entegrion. Also, the particles in Stasix® can be loaded with imaging and highly cytotoxic materials for targeted delivery to areas of vascular injury. This capability allows Stasix® to be activated for specific tasks with extensive possibilities from diagnostics to therapeutic treatment.

our goal is to offer a preferred alternative to liquid-stored, banked platelets with improved bacterial safety, antigenicity and reliable function.