A safe, effective, alternative to Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) is needed for the immediate treatment of patients with severe hemorrhage.

Resusix® is being developed by Entegrion to provide a reliable source of coagulation factors and volume replacement available immediately, wherever needed. For patients who need blood clotting proteins restored or supplemented very quickly, the rapidly ready-to-use hemostatic volume resuscitation therapeutic offers a life-saving treatment option.

Derived from human plasma, Resusix® is solvent detergent-treated and spray-dried to provide a safe, shelf-stable, readily available plasma product.

Easy-to-use and fully portable, Resusix® offers a valuable advantage in remote and austere military and civilian settings. With an extended shelf life of more than two years, the longer storage capacity breaks the cold chain restrictions of frozen blood plasma, which is the current standard of care.

Resusix® also provides a safer alternative to FFP. Free of micro particles and cell fragments commonly found in FFP, Resusix® inactivates harmful viruses like hepatitis B, C and HIV. Pooling of multiple donors allows Resusix® to be a true plasma-derived therapeutic, standardized to human norms and free of individual  variability that is common in FFP.  Resusix®. provides clinicians with identity, potency, purity, and safety information that supports informed decision-making.

When Resusix® is commercially available, the dehydrated plasma and reconstitution fluid will be packaged together for rapid combination when needed for immediate use.

our goal is to demonstrate enhanced safety and equivalent efficacy for transfusion recipients. Resusix® inactivates enveloped viruses and removes bacteria and pro-inflammatory factors that can lead to serious consequences, including morbidity and mortality.