Multi-Functional Resuscitation Fluid (MRF)

When trauma and severe blood loss occurs, a readily available and safer alternative to transfusion is needed to replace lost blood volume, provide oxygen to tissues, and replace coagulation factors lost during bleeding to prevent further blood loss.

A Multi-functional Resuscitation Fluid (MRF) is under development by Entegrion to address critical blood replacement needs. The product—

  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Has a long shelf-life
  • Can be easily reconstituted and administered
  • Restores intravascular volume
  • Restores coagulation factors lost due to hemorrhage
  • Provides oxygen to tissues

Decades of research in human-derived blood therapies are the basis for this novel therapeutic. A combined resuscitation product that meets or exceeds the physiological response to fresh whole blood, the MRF also will offer the portability and shelf-stable convenience of Entegrion’s distinctive portfolio of products.

our objective is to
engineer a
formulation that combines our human-derived dried plasma and dehydrated platelets to correct trauma-induced coagulopathies.